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Should you buy a used luxury car? How to make a choice ? Read the main benefits to get to the bottom of it.

A good option for limited budgets

Do you dream of an affordable luxury car, but your budget does not allow you to consider it? Going for used models is a wise choice to save money, provided they are well inspected beforehand.

Even the best luxury car suffers significant depreciation in its first and then its second year. It is often said that the moment a car leaves the dealership lot, it loses 30% of its value. The depreciation then becomes more stable and much less significant. For you, this means above all less financial loss and a bigger profit, if you decide to resell your vehicle to buy another one!

First, why buy a luxury car? In addition to comfort, prestige, driving pleasure, these cars often offer good quality. If you want to make sure you get top quality, certified vehicles are the ideal option . Discover all the advantages of a certified pre-owned sedan .

Maintaining a used luxury vehicle

To make the purchase really worthwhile, you have to make sure that the car remains in good condition! What are the particularities of the maintenance of a luxury vehicle? We tell you everything.

Luxury cars often have larger displacements. This is why you must warm up your engine before starting. In general, try to keep the vehicle in an adequate temperature, for example in a garage.

Keeping the engine lubricated and doing your oil changes is important for any car, including your luxury car if you want to preserve it! Wondering which brand of car costs the least to maintain? Since it is part of the Toyota group, Lexus , a luxury car dealership in Quebec , is the most economical at the garage!

Luxury automobiles are the result of advanced engineering, including all the original parts that are essential to their proper functioning. Sometimes, by wanting to save at an independent garage, you can harm your car. Genuine parts will obviously fit your car perfectly, but parts from other brands may need to be adjusted which could cause them to lose their effectiveness. Also, some warranties cannot be applied if the car has been modified with parts and accessories from another brand.

Clean the interior regularly with quality products

The interior of a luxury car is often covered with top-of-the-range materials: leather, woodwork, suede… Cleaning a luxury car requires suitable, non-aggressive products. Your dealership’s detailing department will take care of it.

Car body and detailing maintenance

Is a dirty, rusty luxury car still a luxury car? In any case, it does not look like it, which is a shame! Cleaning the bodywork should be done regularly, but also consider polishing . Applying an anti-rust treatment is a good way to avoid deterioration of the bodywork as well.

You have made up your mind: you want to buy a used luxury car. The question that remains unanswered is which luxury car to buy? Going for brands known for their reliability will be the best way to avoid breaking the bank in the long run. Here are three recognized brands.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are among the most popular on the market, and they are also known to be quite reliable. On the other hand, the German brand shows high repair and parts costs when the need arises.

All brands combined, Lexus has been named the most trusted brand by Consumer Reports 2021. It would therefore not only be the most trusted of luxury brands, but also of car brands, period! The latest JD Power studies also place it ahead of its German competitors. If you are looking for the best used car, a car or SUV from Lexus will offer you the reliability you are looking for.

BMW, same story: reliability is there, but beware of high bills when a problem occurs! The BMW brand still ranked well in the latest JD Power rankings, which calculates the number of problems per 100 vehicles.

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