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Selling your car without an intermediary is certainly more advantageous than using a dealer or a garage. Let’s see what are the steps to follow when you want to get rid of your vehicle at the best price. Here are some useful tips for selling your car in compliance with the rules in force. This is a crucial point because, when the conditions are clear, a buyer is more willing to accept the price offered without negotiating.

Selling your car through a dealership

When one wishes to buy a new car, the dealership generally offers his client the trade-in of his old vehicle. To assess the amount, the professional takes into account the condition of the vehicle, the year of first entry into service, the model and the engine (gasoline, diesel, electric, LPG). He makes a purchase proposal based on the real Argus rating , reduced by 15% corresponding to the costs of the administrative procedures and also including his margin. This reduction can be even greater in the event of repair of the vehicle.

Selling your car to a dealer or garage on the condition of buying a new one is convenient and quick. This avoids having to support the transaction. However, this process has the disadvantage of having to sell your car at a much lower price than selling it on your own.

Sell ​​your car to an individual

The used car market is so large that it is sometimes difficult to find a buyer in a relatively short time. You have to make sure that you can easily sell your car at the fairest price. It is important to make an estimate before taking certain steps. The value of the vehicle varies according to several criteria, namely:

Here are some solutions to sell your vehicle at the best price.

To take advantage of the best possible conditions , you can call on an organization specializing in the sale of used cars. There are online simulation tools that allow you to know its rating. All you have to do is mention some information that appears on the registration certificate (old gray card), namely the date of first entry into service which is used to determine the age of the automobile, also the model, type and motorization. The mileage is also an important point in determining the rating.

As soon as all the requested information is provided, the vehicle owner obtains a free estimate in real time . He can then register on the site and produce supporting documents such as a registration certificate and a valid identity document. A transfer contract is then signed as soon as the vehicle is sold.

The most effective method of selling is to place an ad. After writing it, just post it on a site specializing in the sale of used cars . Some are chargeable, others free. Do not forget to attach some photos of the vehicle, knowing that some sites however limit the number.

The writing of the ad must be particularly careful and include as much detail as possible. It is necessary to highlight the equipment, the engine, the general condition and possibly stipulate whether the vehicle is under warranty. All you have to do is provide your phone number or an email address so that Internet users can contact the owner of the vehicle. You don’t need to include your name and address. If a person is interested in the offer, they let it be known by calling the number indicated or by sending an e-mail.

The steps to sell your car yourself at the best price

To give confidence to any potential buyer, the seller of a used car must respect certain rules when he decides to take care of the transaction himself. But for the latter, it is also imperative because it helps to avoid scams . It is therefore essential to follow the following steps.

Suggest a test drive

You have to make sure to wash the bodywork and clean the interior to present your car. A prospective buyer usually asks to see it and try it out. After having fixed an appointment, it is desirable to accompany the interested party during the test.


Once the car has found a buyer at the agreed price , the buyer must proceed to payment. The surest way for the seller is to demand a cashier’s check that guarantees the solvency of the person. It is a check drawn up by the bank which has previously withdrawn the corresponding amount from the bank account of its client. Be careful to check the authenticity of this method of payment which must have a standardized watermark mandatory since 2009.

At the same time, before handing over the keys to the purchaser, the seller of the car must immediately contact the issuing bank to confirm that the bank check is authentic.

Any other means of payment must be refused, as is the case with the traditional check, bank transfer, money order. Only payment in cash can be made, but this option remains exceptional, especially when it comes to a large sum. It is not recommended to accept payment in cash for your vehicle, because the source of this money remains unknown to the seller.

The declaration of transfer : this is a form to be completed by the former owner. It must be drawn up in triplicate. The first is intended for the buyer, the second for the former owner and the third for the prefecture. This document can be downloaded from the net.

The non-pledge certificate : an application must be completed online so that the Ministry of the Interior can issue what is also called a certificate of administrative status.

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