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tire repair

Whether you have been the victim of a flat tire or a road accident, you must now repair a tire on your car… Don’t panic! In addition to presenting you with different car insurance , LeLynx.fr helps you to gather all the necessary information on the possible services, the price and the times at which it is necessary to intervene.

Good tyres: guaranteed safety

The tire remains one of the most important elements of your car and for good reason! Although the engine is what keeps your car moving, the tire is the only component that connects it directly to the road . If ever his condition is degraded, it is your adhesion to the road and your safety that are at stake…

We always tend to think that it is the brakes that protect us in priority from a road accident or from any danger. The brakes indeed have an impact on the wheels, but it is the tires that really stop your car.

Tires are therefore both guarantors of your safety, your comfort on the road but also your fuel economy , it is therefore very important to pay attention to them and not to skimp on car repairs when they are in use. need.

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To each tire its repair

If the sidewall of the tire is not affected. When only the tread has damage, the repair can take place.

The tread designates the surface of the wheel that is in contact with the road surface . The width of a postcard, this additional thickness, in reality a layer of rubber, must be particularly monitored, especially before taking the wheel , in order to ensure the road holding of the vehicle.

Namely: as soon as the sidewall of the tire is damaged, this makes the tire, and by extension the car, unusable!

How much does a tire repair cost?

Carrying out repairs on a tire generally costs between €20 and €30 in the event of a puncture .

If you go to the garage with a dismounted tire, it will be charged around €5 less than for a tire still attached to the car.

Do you necessarily have to repair your tire?

Sometimes it’s not worth going through the repair box! Do not hesitate to see if the purchase of new equipment is more interesting for you. For example, on a car model with 13 or 14 inch rims, new tires cost around €50, which is barely more than a conventional repair.

The brand, size and performance of the vehicle are all factors that cause the price to fluctuate between 100 and 200€ for a simple tire repair.

Warranty and flat tire repair assistance

Many brands and garages offer their customers tire insurance and assistance in the event of a flat tire, such as Feu Vert, Nauroto or Euromaster.

This assistance often has a duration of between 1 and 2 years and allows the driver to benefit from a repair of his tire within a limit capped at a few hundred euros.

The conditions vary according to the service providers for the reimbursement of the second tire to be changed. This will be covered only if the difference in wear between the two tires exceeds 5 mm.

Contrary to common belief, a flat tire is not necessarily visible to the naked eye. It can take different forms and arise from quite varied causes.

No matter what type of vehicle you are used to driving, the tire is the part of the car that directly encounters all road obstacles and undergoes the most stress. This is why it is necessary to act quickly as soon as an anomaly is detected!

Apart from the gaping hole, directly visible (splitting, etc.), certain signs indicate to the driver that it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible and repair the tire, to avoid any danger:

If the pressure sensor gives you warning signals on the dashboard: this means that the tire is slowly puncturing. The sensor is now part of the mandatory car equipment and this is easily understood. You don’t immediately feel the impact on the tire but it loses performance over time;

If you don’t have the same ability to drive your car or if you have the impression that it “pulls” to one side . This means that there is under-inflation of one or more tyres, and they are not gripping the road properly.

In these two cases, it is not a question of “natural wear” of the tire, but of an incident linked to an external element which has disturbed the proper functioning of the wheels. Rather, so-called “natural” wear results in a loss of pressure of approximately 0.1 bar per month.

It is also recommended by the Highway Code to check the tire pressure once a month .

A tire in lack of maintenance

Defects on the tires are the first cause of counter-visit following the technical control , it is up to you to be vigilant and to check that these work well.

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