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prepare your car for winter

In winter, snow, ice and cold can put a strain on your car. To be able to face this season in the best conditions, it is therefore necessary to prepare it as it should.

Check the condition of your engine block

In the dead of winter, breaking down in the middle of nowhere is something you definitely don’t want. To prevent this from happening, it is better to take precautions. The first thing to do is to carry out a complete check of the condition of your engine. If possible, call on a professional to ensure that all elements of your unit are working properly. In addition to the checks, adjustments and repairs that your mechanic will carry out, here are a few points that you can take care of your car for winter

Check the level of all your liquids

To start, check the level of all your fluids. Check the level of your engine oil , that of the coolant, without forgetting that of the windshield washer. All these liquids are indeed essential to the proper functioning of your vehicle. In winter, avoid at all costs that their level is too low. Putting these liquids at their maximum level is even strongly recommended. To be prepared for any eventuality, it is also recommended to always carry some with you.

Thoroughly clean your windows

After taking your car to the garage for an overhaul, to be ready for winter, also remember to clean its windows thoroughly. Indeed, poor visibility due to dirt on the latter can greatly increase the risk of accidents. Also, never neglect their cleanliness. To allow you to have good visibility on the road, carefully and regularly clean the inside of your windshield. Do the same with all the rest of the glazing. Once clean, your windows hang will have less fog. In addition, this will prevent you from halo effects in the face of the reflections of the sun on a wet road or the lights of other cars. And while you’re at it, remember to clean your headlights, mirrors and wiper blades. Don’t forget to test how well they work. And in the event of a problem that you could solve yourself, do not hesitate to return to your garage.

Check your tire pressure and wear

In addition to having clean windows, another point to check to drive in the best conditions in winter is your tire pressure. Indeed, you should know that when the temperature decreases, this pressure drops. It is therefore necessary to check it regularly in order to restore it to the right level before setting off. The depth of their sculptures is very important here. If your tires are too slick, they may not be able to properly remove water from the roads. Their adhesion may also be poor. If possible, it is otherwise advisable to replace your tires with winter tyres. Indeed, these generally have better grip compared to your usual tires. They have been specially designed to offer better handling and more effective braking in winter conditions. Once the winter has passed, if your old tires are still in good condition, you can always reuse them.

In addition to your tires don’t forget to check your battery as well. With falling temperatures, this can indeed also be affected. While it can be used much more, in particular by the use of dipped headlights or the defrosting of the rear screen, the cold can further reduce its capacity. The risks it releases in winter are therefore all the greater. If your battery has already shown signs of weakness before the season kicks in, it might be a good idea to replace it. If it is more than five years old, do not hesitate to change it. It’s always better than having a breakdown when you least expect it.

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